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Become the kind of parent you want to be.

Your family needs you.
Your time is precious.

You know what kind of parent you want to be but you don't know how to get there. You find yourself stuck in the heat of the moment using the same old methods of yelling and consequences that ultimately don't lead to lasting change.


Maybe you've already read all the parenting books, taken a community-based class, enrolled in an online course, and followed the advice of Instagram influencers but nothing seems to be working.

You are exhausted. Tired of yelling. Worried your angry reactions are ruining your relationship with your kids.

Terrified your own trauma is traumatizing your child. 

You feel stuck.

You don't know what else to do. 

There IS hope and I can help.


I help overwhelmed parents of young kids,
who are feeling defeated by persistent behavioral challenges, break free from yelling and unhelpful consequences by teaching effective, grace-filled strategies for correcting behavior while maintaining security, love, and connection with their child.

Skylar Turek

Hello! I'm Skylar.
I am so glad
you are here.

About Me

With a decade of experience serving families as a social worker and in ministry settings, I love to equip and empower parents with practical skills, strategies, and scripts based in brain-science and biblical teaching

 through individualized family support and workshops.

I became certified in the Connected Families Framework in 2023 after having coached parents for three years and continually seeing families get stuck in cycles of behavior that were passed down to them from their own parents that resulted in wounding and a ruptured foundation. Without first evaluating what's going on in ourselves as parents, at a soul level, we are not going to be able to consistently implement any parenting strategy. Although most parents come to me with questions like, "My kid is doing XYZ, what should I do?" the place we actually need to begin is, "What's going on in you?" When we support the parent, we support the child. Supporting and strengthening families has always been my mission.


With the help of Connected Families, I have learned how to replace the toxic beliefs that trigger angry blow-ups with God’s grace-filled truths that foster connection and build a legacy of faith, hope, and love in my own family.

And now I'm ready to teach you how to do it too.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, I'm certified with Connected Families, and I have a Certificate in Biblical Leadership from Vineyard Institute.

I'm also a mom of two young children.

I specialize in children's mental health and trauma prevention. I have experience helping families with kids of all ages and feel especially called to support parents of young children ages 2-10.

You want your kids to become responsible, respectful, capable, and resilient. Your goals are great but have your methods led to yelling more often than you'd like, increased stress and tension with your partner, or feeling like things are spiraling out of control?  


Truth + Grace offers personalized Family Support Sessions that are designed to equip and encourage exhausted parents with effective strategies for creating a peaceful home and a connected family.

The Connected Families Framework will equip you with
a gospel-centered approach to respond to any discipline challenge emphasizing four key messages:
Read those messages again.
Isn't this how our Heavenly Father parents us? Let's model after Him.

Connected Families Framework
Connected Families logo



Personalized support and guidance for your unique family. I'll work with you to identify your specific challenges and create a plan to address them utilizing the Connected Families Framework. 

Online Groups

Virtual small groups are offered as a tool to go deeper into the session materials while processing, practicing, and gaining accountability for the techniques you'll learn to apply in your own family. 



Looking to equip your church or school with powerful strategies to respond to challenging behavior using a Christian framework? Contact me for customizable workshop options to empower your community.

Luisa, mom of 3

Skylar is a wonderful listener and a talented and experienced coach. Her knowledge and understanding of the framework are evident in the way she walks through the sessions. She brings new insights, encouragement and powerful strategies to aid in parenting challenges.
It is a true gift to be coached by her. 

KrisAnn, mom and ministry leader

I have learned to slow down and really watch my own anxiety level. My son would melt down when I rushed him out the door. Skylar encouraged me to ask him questions about when he feels most safe and loved. This really helped us talk through how we were triggering each other, and we strategized ways to help each other in the morning. This has worked VERY well for us.


I partner with Connected Families, a non-profit ministry that exists to support Christ-centered transformation in families by growing a worldwide community of parents, parent coaches, and partners equipped with a biblical framework for parenting.

I hope you'll find encouragement through these incredible resources. Please contact me with any questions and I will be sure to connect you with a helpful resource that suits your needs.

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links and I will receive a percentage of commission from your purchase.

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Sibling Conflict

You want to break the cycle of generational trauma in your family.

You want to build a legacy of faith for a thousand generations.

You want to parent in a way that reflects God's love with patience, intention, and presence.

If you have been stuck feeling ashamed about your angry reactions to your children's behavior and you want to find a new path forward, you have come to the right place.
Pride leads to conflict;
   those who take advice are wise.

Proverbs 13:10

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